How to Configure a PlantStar 4.0 DCM

If your DCM is not configured for your network / APU follow this guide to set it up.

The information you will need to get this completed is:

DCM Name

DCM IP address - A static IP on your network

Your network netmask

Your network broadcast address

Your gateway address

The IP address of your PlantStar 4.0 server

There is only one RIO type - rtl_rio3

If you have no touchscreen directly connected choose blind otherwise if there is a touchscreen choose the method that your touchscreen uses for the 'mouse', either a USB interface or a Serial interface.

If you have a serial touch screen connected you will need to know the serial port that it is connected to (COM1, COM2, etc)

Log into your DCM with the username and password given to you by SYSCON Support



Choose 'Yes' To change the current setup.

Answer the questions with the details from above.

Save the changes and your DCM will reboot and then connect to your PlantStar 4.0 APU.