How to create a down set for setup purposes

This article describes how create a down set that ignores cycles and forces the machine down while the settings are being adjusted for production.

Open up the Panorama Configuration program (fpconfig.exe)

Click on the 'Sets' -> 'Down Sets' menu item.

Select the appropriate Down Set:

In the window that appears, select an unused reason index and fill it in as seen here.

The Force Down = Yes will show the machine as down on the screen.

The Ignore Cycles = Yes will not count the parts produced while the down reason is chosen.

You may give the Down Reason any meaningful name, here I have selected 'Setup' to indicate that the machine is in setup.

Save your session:

This Down Reason should then appear at the DCMs with the selected Down Set.

While the Machine is being set up for production the operator should select this Down Reason and clear it when the machine is set up and producing good material.