Keeping Time on an HMI

How to keep the time synchronized on a newer PiHMI

  • Log into the hmi and become root.
  • Stop the systemd-timesyncd service and edit /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf:
    • systemctl stop systemd-timesyncd
    • vi timesyncd.conf
      • Change NTP= line to the preferred NTP server, the APU IP for instance:
        • Example: NTP=<IP OF PLANTSTAR APU>
      • Optional - Change FallbackNTP= to a space-separated list of NTP server host names or IP addresses that the HMI can reach
      • Save and exit
  • Set the time/date to a value close to accurate
    • Example: timedatectl set-time "2023-08-30 12:00:00"
  • Restart systemd-timesyncd
    • systemctl daemon-reload
    • systemctl start systemd-timesyncd
  • Check to see if the systemd-timesyncd process is running properly
    • systemctl status systemd-timesyncd


This should keep the time synchronized on the HMI.