What Benefit Does Material Lot Tracking Provide

If being able to track what material lot goes into a specific finished product is important to you, then you should look at PlantStar Material Lot Tracking

There are two versions of the Material Lot Tracking feature.

Single Material Lot Tracking - Operators at the machine enter a Lot ID, which is either assigned by the material vendor or you. This happens while the job is running, either at start or during production when material of a different lot is used. PlantStar then creates an audit trail between the material that is being used and the finished goods that are produced. Thus you are able to trace specific material lots to finished goods totes and provide this traceability to the end user / customer. Single Material Lot Tracking provides for one raw material Lot ID to be tracked.

Multiple Material Lot Tracking - Similar to Single Material Lot Tracking, Multiple Material Lot Tracking adds the capability to track up to four (4) individual raw material Lot IDs at once and creates an audit trail between these materials and their finished goods. Operators can enter the Lot ID of up to four (4) individual raw materials that are being used at the DCM.

Traceability, tracking, quality assurance and even end product safety are just some of the reasons for choosing Material Lot Tracking.