This article explains the initial setup of your PiHMI

In order to configure your PiHMI you will need:

  • Network Information
    • Static IP Address if desired or you can leave the setting at DHCP to automatically get an IP address.
    • Netmask (if using static addressing)
    • Broadcast Address (if using static addressing)
    • Gateway (if using static addressing)
    • IP address of the DCM you wish to show the browser screen of
  • USB Keyboard

Plug the PiHMI into the network, plug in the keyboard, and plug the power cord into the unit.

Turn on the power switch

Log into the PiHMI using the given username and password

At the command prompt run the command:


Follow the prompts and enter the required information.

Save the settings

Your PiHMI will reboot after saving the settings and when it boots back up will open a browser window to the IP address that you entered during the setup.

To re-enter the setup screen from the browser window press <ctrl><alt><F2> at the same time and you will be presented with a login screen where you can follow the instructions from the top of this page.