Problems with View and Print

Solutions to common problems with the PlantStar View and Print program

Problem #1 - "Error retrieving report from database"

Solution - This is usually a Windows Firewall issue. The View and Print application needs an  inbound and outbound rule added to allow View and Print (C:\Program Files (x86)\SYSCON_plantstar\custrpt.exe or if the path to your executable is different, use that path).

Open up Windows Defender Firewall and add a new program rule for both inbound and outbound communication.


Problem #2 = "COMCTL32.OCX or one of it's dependancies not correctly registered..."

Solution - This can usually be solved by running regsvr32.exe /i <PATH_TO_COMCTL32.OCX>

If this does not fix the issue, re-run the PlantStar installation program and 'repair' the installation.