What is an Analog?

This article explains what an analog (input) is and why you need to know.

What is an Analog? Analog inputs are an optional component to your PlantStar DCM that can be used to receive input from any analog source. Thermocouples, pressure sensors, and flow rate sensors are just some examples of analog devices that can be connected, measured, and recorded by a PlantStar DCM. Analog signals, as opposed to digital signals which operate in binary (1/0, on/off) state, operate over a range of readings. These signal readings then need to be converted to a digital state before being processed by a computer. Optional analog cards in your PlantStar system can facilitate this conversion and subsequent storage in the database. This information can also be used in reporting.

PlantStar offers optional analog cards in groups of four (4) inputs. These cards plug in above your standard digital inputs on the IO rack and the PlantStar DCM can contain up to 5 analog cards, providing up to 20 analog input sources from your equipment.

If you are requesting an RMA from PlantStar for a DCM you will be asked how many analog inputs you need. These are listed in multiples of 4. You must have purchased these analogs initially to receive them in an RMA DCM.