What is an HMI

This article describes what an HMI is and how it is used.

The term HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. HMI with overlay In a nutshell it is a device that is used to communicate a user’s commands to a machine.

In the case of a SYSCON HMI it is used to communicate the commands of the Machine Operator to the SYSCON PlantStar software. These commands are presented to the operator in a browser-based fashion.

By using clicks in the browser as well as text entry the HMI passes the operator's commands to a SYSCON DCM which in turn interprets these commands and performs specific actions pertaining to machine production.

The DCM then collects production information and transmits it to the SYSCON APU. The APU also transmits job schedules and information to the DCM which can be viewed on the HMI.

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Industrial HMI

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PlantStar HMI Data Sheet