What is FTP used for in PlantStar Panorama

Why do you want an FTP server?

External FTP servers are used in PlantStar Panorama for a few reasons.

Daily backups - Daily backups can be configured to automatically be sent to an external FTP server when the backup script is executed with the proper parameter. Backups can also be saved to a mounted remote NFS share or a SAMBA (v1 only) share mounted to the PlantStar host.

Imports and Exports - Import and export files can get and save their data to a remote FTP server. Again, this is not the only option but it is commonly used.

Any change to the IP address of the FTP server you are using will require a change in the PlantStar host configuration. In this case it is best to contact SYSCON PlantStar Customer Support since there may be several different files that need to be changed depending on your use case.

There are several options for remote data storage available from SYSCON PlantStar Panorama.

  • FTP
  • NFS
  • SMB v1
  • SCP